Mushroom Garden Deluxe is an incredibly beautiful and entertaining fantasy game for the Android operating system that invites you to build and cultivate a chic and dreamy mushroom garden! In this very beautiful and entertaining game, as a player, you must expand your garden by cultivating mushrooms and collect points and income for hours of fun. There are various prizes and different scores to collect and achieve, you can expand your library by receiving one of three medal models and double the excitement of the game with other prizes.

The method of the game is that you have to use your fingers to quickly harvest a large number of mushrooms and attract many customers to increase your income by selling the harvested mushrooms!

Some features of Mushroom Garden Deluxe Android game:

* Including various attractive and cute animations with excellent graphics

* Including three different types of medals for collecting and advancing the library

* Your library’s progress is based on the amount and number of collected mushrooms

* Playing all kinds of music and relaxing songs while playing Pet Rescue Saga game (6 songs)

* Customization and decoration of the library by the player and you are possible.

* There are various tools available for mushroom cultivation by players and you.

The game Mushroom Garden Deluxe for growing mushrooms is now available for free and has been downloaded by users worldwide more than 1 million times. Currently, it has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 on the Android market. Today, we at Usroid are providing you with the latest version of the game for free and with a direct link.

* Fixing game issues and improving graphics


 Download Mushroom Garden Deluxe - mushroom cultivation game for Android