Nature Live Weather LWP is an incredibly beautiful live wallpaper of nature for the Android operating system, which brings the best and most enjoyable real wallpaper to your Android smartphone by displaying the current weather conditions in your area along with an attractive natural environment. This software displays a very beautiful natural environment including trees, rain showers, and completely real drops in different locations on your mobile home screen and can accurately predict the weather in the region up to 3 days in advance!

This live wallpaper is designed to change with the weather conditions! If it’s cloudy, it will display natural clouds in the sky. If it’s rainy or snowy, it will display a rainy or snowy environment for you, which is truly commendable! Additionally, the natural environment changes according to your local time, automatically changing with day and night. At night, the stars and moon create a beautiful sky, and during the day, the sun is stunning!

Some features and capabilities of Nature Live Weather LWP wallpaper for Android:

* Having 4 backgrounds from four different seasons of the year to make it more realistic.

* Displaying real animations of stars, moon, sun, and more during day and night

* The slow and captivating rain and snowfall to beautify the wallpaper

* Having various settings for personalizing wallpaper by the user.

* Support for various languages including Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, French, Bulgarian, Swedish, Turkish, and Chinese

The incredibly beautiful live wallpaper Nature Live Weather LWP is now available on the Android Market for $1.01 and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0. Today, at Usroid, we are providing the latest version of it for free …

Patched version and completely healthy (tested)


Download Nature Live Weather LWP - New Nature Live Wallpaper for Android



Download Nature Live Weather LWP Android Apk - NEW



Download Nature Live Weather LWP Android Apk - NEW



Download Nature Live Weather LWP Android Apk - NEW