Rabbids Big Bang is a new and incredibly beautiful game with excellent graphics. It is the first physics-based game featuring rabbits for Android smartphones, allowing players to launch a rabbit into space with their finger! This game was recently released on the Play Store under the title “I forgot the Milky Way!” and has received an unprecedented response, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 indicating its popularity. If you are a fan of racing games, you are undoubtedly familiar with the cute and funny rabbits that are present in them. These interesting and adorable rabbits, who were able to attract the attention of many gamers in their first game on smartphones, are now trying to amaze gamers again in their second appearance on smartphones in the game Rabbids Big Bang.

In this game, you have control of a clever rabbit in vast spaces and exciting environments, and you must help him find his way! You must carefully control the jet pack and guide the rabbit on the right path, and experience the best entertaining game style on your Android device.

* Play and explore in 10 different galaxies with 15 missions in each galaxy.

* Customization possibility for the rabbit and upgrading it with equipment such as a new hat

* Use of an accurate ranking system to track progress

* Having excellent graphics and professional sound quality considering its small size

The exciting game Rabbids Big Bang is now available for sale on the Android market for $0.99, but we at Usroid have provided the latest version for free with a direct link for our loyal users. You can download it with just one click by visiting the rest of the article …


Download Rabbids Big Bang - an exciting game of Big Bang rabbits for Android



Download Rabbids Big Bang Android APK - FREE



Download Rabbids Big Bang Android APK - FREE