Puzzle and Adventure game Statue of Liberty – TLS (Full) v1.001 for Android with data + trailer (Full) – Introduced by Usroid as the first Iranian website

Statue of Liberty – TLS (short for Statue of Liberty – The Lost Symbol) in Persian (مجسمه آزادی – نماد گمشده) is a new game with stunning HD graphics from the well-known and popular game studio Anuman, creator of beautiful games such as Dracula 1 to 5 and more, specifically for the Android operating system. Its first version was released hours ago on the Android Market. In this game, one of the most famous and important symbols of the United States, the Statue of Liberty, has gone missing, and you, in the role of Susan Pierce, must travel to Liberty Island and, with the help of another character named Ranger Cooper, collect information about the lost symbol and overcome various exciting adventures.

The game Statue of Liberty – TLS has various challenging puzzles and riddles, with stunning graphics, exciting sound effects, a deep storyline, and unique gameplay all coming together to create a new adventurous and intellectual game experience.

Some of the features of the Statue of Liberty Puzzle – TLS Android game:

* Island exploration involves activities such as discovering hidden rooms to uncover truths

* Having a very deep story and you playing the role of an FBI employee

* Meeting and encountering various different and main characters throughout the game.

* Includes over 50 entertaining facts, excellent gameplay, and HD graphics

The game Statue of Liberty – TLS is now available for sale on the Android market for $4.99, and as always, we at Usroid are providing it to you as the first Iranian website. By visiting the rest of the article, you can download it for free.


Download Statue of Liberty - TLS (Full) - Android brain teaser!


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download and install the first game installation file on your device.

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed mode. Copy the com.microids.HdOv3.HdOStatueOfLiberty.full folder to the Android/Obb directory.


Statue of Liberty - TLS (Full) Android - Android adventure game



Statue of Liberty - TLS (Full) Android - Android adventure game



Statue of Liberty - TLS (Full) Android - Android adventure game



Statue of Liberty - TLS (Full) Android - Android adventure game