Trick Art Dungeon v1.87 – Special Adventure Game Nireng Black Mountain for Android with Data
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Tested with offline execution

Trick Art Dungeon – The Art of Illusion in the Dark Dungeon is the name of a unique and conceptual adventure game developed by G1 Playground Games for Android devices at a price of $2.99. Have you ever looked at a game as a work of art? Usually, games are remembered as a form of entertainment and pastime rather than a work of art! Of course, you are right, and most games are only made for leisure time. It’s time to change your thinking about games… The creators of Trick Art Dungeon have been able to combine art and entertainment. This game has been able to use geometric shapes and turn the gameplay into a beautiful and colorful 3D image that engages the emotions of the audience. Artists know that reality is breaking and it’s not far from illusion. This game challenges players’ realities and combines a mysterious adventure with visual elements, and after teasing players’ expectations, surprises them with an unexpected perspective. In terms of gameplay, the game’s story is about a child who has lost his parents in a museum, and you have to find his parents by solving various puzzles such as finding the Eye of Horus, moving boxes, turning handles, completing images, and so on. In addition, players must retrieve items in the game that are pieces of an image and help find the child’s parents.


Trick Art Dungeon


In the game Trick Art Dungeon, all of your movements are mixed with an “artistic deception”, and by solving puzzles and changing perspectives, your enemies turn into harmless paintings like the 3D images you see on the streets. Of course, you don’t have to fight enemies, you have to use your intelligence and find the answers to the puzzles. Most games use special graphic effects to attract viewers, but Trick Art Dungeon has turned graphics into gameplay, and this minimalist creativity and innovation has won awards such as the Gyeonggi Game Creation Audition and the Google Indie Game Festival. The beauty of this game is truly indescribable and will undoubtedly bring a new experience to special tastes. Trick Art Dungeon has a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 on Google Play and the team at Usroid has provided the final and purchased version of this game as a fully tested and free download for you. At the end of this article, you can watch the introduction video and screenshots of the gameplay to get more familiar with this game and download it from our servers if you wish. We hope you enjoy this beautiful game!

Version v1.87 changes:

* Various optimizations and problem-solving in the game

Installation and Execution Guide for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed state. Copy the com.G1Playground.TrickArtDungeon folder to the internal memory path of Android/obb device.