V-SPEED Speed Test Premium v4.0.1.0 – Powerful and Advanced Internet Speed Test Application for Android
Premium version with access to all features and functionalities

V-SPEED Speed Test Premium Unlocked is a powerful and advanced application for testing internet speed on Android devices, developed and published by V-SPEED.eu. By providing users with a set of versatile tools, this software enables them to get informed about their actual internet speed using a wide range of features. One of the most important and unique features available in this intelligent software is the use of different servers for speed testing, allowing users to test internet speed with different servers from different parts of the world according to their needs. There are also two types of speed measurement modes available, which users can choose and use based on their needs. In V-SPEED, everything is done in a completely intelligent way, so that the program configuration is automatically adjusted based on the user’s connection type and the best server is selected for speed testing. Increase the test time to get more accurate and acceptable results from this amazing software. This program has various features that you can follow us in the following article to get informed about them.

Some of the features and capabilities of V-SPEED Speed Test Premium Android app:

  • WiFi and mobile signal finder tool
  • Ability to select default server for speed test
  • Support for two speed tests: download and upload
  • Precise measurement of ping and latency time
  • Two data transfer units (kbps, Mbps)
  • Automatic selection of speed control parameters based on connection type (LTE, 3G, WiFi)
  • Basic connection information (IP address, internet service provider, SIM card operator or WiFi network name)
  • Result history with options for filtering and sorting the list based on various criteria
  • Sharing results on all social networks

The V-SPEED Speed Test Premium app, with its high-precision and feature-rich internet speed measurement capabilities, has earned a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating with over 10 million active downloads. You can now get the latest version of the app for free from the popular site Usroid.