Learn English Vocabulary – Word Notebook v3.5 – Android English visual learning application
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Learn English Vocabulary – Word Notebook is the title of an English visual learning application developed by Lingtor Ltd and published on Google Play. We are all interested in learning languages ​​other than the original language of our country. English is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world; An international language that you can learn to easily communicate with people around the world. One of the points that many enthusiasts do not pay attention to is learning the basics! Everyone else has realized that attending boring classes does not pay off, and that new methods can significantly increase the level of learning. On the other hand, one of the problems that we sometimes face in language learning is forgetfulness. It is very annoying to forget the words we already have in mind; That is to say, the main reason is the way of learning the language. One of the fastest ways to learn any language is with Android smartphones. Smartphones that help you learn English at very high levels in the shortest possible time with the help of great apps. Due to the interest of users, various softwares have been introduced in this field so far, and in this post, we intend to provide you with one of the most popular ones. Learn English Vocabulary software – Word Notebook is undoubtedly one of the best possible ways to learn English. One of the main reasons for differentiating this startup from other programs is its visual training method. This tutorial will help you learn the words along with the pictures and memorize them in your long-term memory. There are more than 10 thousand different words in this software, all of which are accompanied by funny cartoons. The development team is trying to teach these words in the form of texts! This will help you to record a huge range of words in your mind with just a few minutes of reading. If you encounter difficult words while reading, add them to the existing dedicated notebook to remind you of their meanings at different intervals.

Some features and capabilities of Learn English Vocabulary – Word Notebook Android app:

  • Learn over 10,000 different words in the shortest time possible
  • Accompanying all the words with funny cartoons
  • A great visual learning method for recording words, sentences and their meanings in your long-term memory
  • Ability to use the software completely offline
  • Vocabulary classification at both beginner and advanced levels
  • Fantastic design of the program like a textbook
  • Customize Android app settings to further enhance your learning
  • A good option for learning grammar next to vocabulary
  • Preparing users for tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS

App Learn English Vocabulary – Word Notebook to take advantage of the features and functionality of its own by the developer it for free along with in-network $ 4.99 publish Rating 4.4 out of 5.0 by users has received that can now New Download the most shared version of it from Usroid website .


Learn English Vocabulary - Word Notebook