LectureNotes It is one of the most popular and best-selling note-taking apps for Android, which is offered by Acadoid Developer for $ 4.99 on Google Play, and the latest and complete version has been purchased for you! If you are a follower of the site, you know that we have introduced various programs in the field of note taking for Android, which has brought the best note-taking software on your mobile phone with its extraordinary features. Today we are going to introduce a different and powerful application LectureNotes, which works differently from other similar programs, so that in this program you can write texts and notes in your own handwriting and try to save it. This program can be useful for students who have to deliver various conferences during the semester and with it you can write different texts, write texts and use them during the lecture.

Some features of LectureNotes Android Notepad:

  • No internet required and no minimum license required
  • Ability to choose the width and height of the notebook screen
  • Ability to display multiple pages simultaneously on the screen
  • Ability to choose the color of the paper, the type of paper including checkered and simple
  • Provide editing and writing tools
  • Ability to cut, copy and paste inside notebook pages
  • Provide simple painting tools such as line, rectangle, oval
  • Ability to import photos from the gallery to the notebook page
  • Ability to save the page written in PDF format on memory
  • Ability to back up data and restore it if needed
  • Ability to share notes on social networks

If you are looking for the best and notebook note-taking app for your Android smartphone Usroid you LectureNotes paid version offers programs that can be downloaded for free with one click! In this version that we have offered for download, all the features are available and you can use them without any time limit.