Letterhead Maker – Letter Writing Templates v1.3 – Official Android Letter Templates Application
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Letters can be considered one of the most basic ways to communicate with people around the world. Although letters, like anything else, are influenced by technology and can be used electronically, they are still widely used. Today, the use of letters can be seen in various companies or government centers. In order to submit a request on various topics, we must write a letter and send it to our center to convey our needs to them. One of the problems that we all face sometimes is the lack of sufficient knowledge in the type of writing these letters! In a way, we have to have a special writing in different situations. For example, the text format of a letter for an appointment is completely different from the format of a letter for a complaint! This has led some to take advantage of this opportunity and, in the form of letter writers, to receive a large fee from us for writing each letter.Letterhead Maker – Letter Writing Templates is an official letter template application developed by Rising Apps and published on Google Play. As mentioned in the description above, this software is a good solution to save money and write letters without error! One of the most important features of this wonderful startup is the ability to write letters on various topics; So that each ready-made template is placed in a specific category. The development team has provided the conditions to register your information in the program and receive letters in the shortest possible time with just one hint. Other features include the ability to print letters; Users with unlimited access will be able to print their letters or receive them as a PDF file.

Some features and capabilities of Letterhead Maker – Letter Writing Templates Android application:

  • A collection of formal letter templates
  • Access to letter templates on a variety of topics
  • Categorize all templates into various groups
  • Create letters with just one hint, with preset information
  • Ability to print letters directly from the program
  • Receive your letters in PDF files
  • View the full list of user-generated emails

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Letterhead Maker - Letter Writing Templates