Lucky Patcher – لاکی پچر is a powerful, familiar, and popular software for removing licenses from Android apps and games, and cheating in them in the easiest way possible. With it, you can bypass non-free applications and fully utilize their features. If your phone is rooted, we recommend this app to you, and it’s worth trying. Although Lucky Patcher software installs without error on all rooted and non-rooted Android devices in its latest versions, and the possibility of hacking games without the need for rooting exists, if your device is rooted, the possibility of hacking games with greater power is available! In Lucky Patcher, apps and games that require license removal or ads are displayed, and you can easily remove the insurance of any of them that you want. This software includes most of the licensed apps and is added to their number with new updates every day! In general, if you are looking for cheating software in games, without a doubt, the popular Lucky Patcher program with a simple and easy-to-use interface along with a set of powerful features will attract your attention. As mentioned, Lucky Patcher does not require your device to be rooted, but if your device has root access, you can easily remove app licenses or use the custom patch section without any problems. You may ask yourself, what is a custom patch? The custom patch is a special section of Lucky Patcher where hackers and professional users upload patches for apps, and you can easily install them on your installed app with just one click and make the app premium, professional, or complete with just one click!


Lucky Patcher Android


The useful application Lucky Patcher has not been offered in this big market due to Google Play’s policy violations. However, you can easily download the latest and safest version of this practical app with just one click from the high-speed servers of the Usroid website for your Android tablet or phone. Now you can get the newest version of Lucky Patcher for free and with just one click from Usroid for your smartphone. Finally, both the original and mod versions of the app have been tested by us and installed and run without any problems. We have produced several videos titled In-App Payment Tutorial, APKs Patching Tutorial, Google Ads Removal Tutorial, and App Cloning Tutorial, which we have offered as a package for download and viewing.

1 – To install and use the application, you must disable Google Play security shield, which is explained in the last paragraph.
2 – As mentioned in the above description, the custom patch section of Lucky Patcher requires root access, and if your device is not rooted, you will not be able to use it.
3 – To use in-app payment, you must have server proxies installed, which are available in the configuration section inside the application.
4 – To root your Android device, you must use Odin software.
5 – How to disable Google security shield: Scan Apps and Improve harmful app options must be disabled from Play Protect settings inside the GOOGLE PLAY STORE application.
6 – Overall, Google completely blocks the “Lucky Patcher apk – Lucky Patcher” application and does not allow the installation of Lucky Patcher under any circumstances; however, you can install Lucky Patcher with a fake name each time using the installer provided in the download box, and there will be no problem.