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Lumosity is a great application in the field of improving and cultivating the mind and thought of Lumos Labs for Android devices, which can be introduced as the most popular, best and most complete memory boosting program! Lumosity is the name of one of the top research institutes that works in the field of finding solutions to increase the level of intelligence, intelligence and improve people’s memory! The institute was founded by Dr. Michael Scanlon, a doctoral graduate in neuroscience from Stanford University in the United States who has done extensive research in the field of mind development for many years! A few years ago, when smart gadgets were not so ubiquitous, the institute launched its website to try to offer its services in the form of attractive games to the audience so that everyone can strengthen their minds day by day in terms of performance! Now, with the widespread presence of smart tools, the Lumosity app has also been launched, which does exactly what can be tracked on the app’s main website. This application includes several different mind games that, according to its creator, if each person spends a few minutes a day doing one of them, he will be able to be smarter, smarter and more intellectually significant than the others! Games are also offered in a categorized way, that is, starting from the basic and elementary levels and ending with more advanced and complex levels!

Some features and capabilities of Lumosity Android application:

  • The most popular memory boost app for Android!
  • Includes a variety of different games to engage
  • Spend some free time challenging brain neurons
  • Game design by researchers and great impact on the human brain
  • Evaluation section to view complete information from your brain
  • Enjoy Lomocity as the top memory boosting app of 2014 by Google!


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