[Maths Tricks v1.8 [Premium – Android Mathematical Tricks Application
The full and premium version of the app worth $4.99 is presented to you, dear ones.

Mathematics is one of the most popular sciences taught at various educational levels throughout the world. Despite its difficulty, mathematics is very rewarding, and has led many people to pursue it and try to learn it. One of the problems that math enthusiasts face is the slow speed in performing calculations. This slowness can be due to unexpected difficulties in solving problems, regardless of the person’s mathematical intelligence. Maths Tricks Premium is an application developed for Android by Suit Photo Editor Montage Maker & Face Changer, which contains a collection of mathematical tricks and has been published on Google Play. As the title of the post and the name of the application suggest, the main feature of this startup is to increase your abilities in solving mathematical problems, so that you can calculate the answers to some complex questions in a very short time. The tricks in this collection are categorized according to the type of mathematical operations, and anyone can benefit from them according to their needs. Each category consists of several specific stages that you must start from stage one and gradually progress to higher levels and unlock them by earning points.

Some features and capabilities of the Maths Tricks Android app:

  • A collection of practical and important mathematical tricks to answer questions
  • Increasing the speed and improving the user’s performance for mathematical calculations
  • Categorizing all tutorials and tests into different groups based on their applications
  • Having multiple stages and levels in each of the categories
  • Basic tutorials for learning at any age

The Maths Tricks app has been able to receive a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users by taking advantage of its various features and capabilities, and now you can download its latest premium version from the popular website Usroid by paying $4.49 within the app. In the premium version, all features are available for free.


Maths Tricks Premium