MDScan + OCR v3.9.43 – Professional and Fast Android Document Scanning Application
A Paid and Purchased Version Offered to You, Dear Ones

MDScan + OCR is an application for scanning various documents and receipts, which is published by STOIK Soft for Android at a price of $6.49. With this application, you can scan your documents with very high quality without the need for any special hardware and save them in PDF or JPEG format. Special categories and features are included in this application, which allows you to place scanned files in them or easily create your own desired categories. After scanning the documents, their borders are identified by intelligent technology and image distortions are eliminated to provide users with a complete and flawless scanned file. In addition to saving scanned files on the Android device’s memory, a collection of cloud servers is available for use by simply logging in to your cloud server account and placing your files on these servers. The high speed of scanning files allows users to scan multiple pages with exceptional quality in just a minute.

Some of the features and capabilities of the MDScan + OCR Android app:

  • Converting scanned documents to PDF format
  • Automatic identification of document edges and borders and correction of existing distortions in the image
  • Access to both manual and automatic editing for accessing high-quality files
  • High speed in scanning existing documents
  • Scanning and saving any type of document, invoice, receipt, and …
  • Saving scanned documents in device memory or cloud servers
  • Quickly sending scanned files to email

The MDScan + OCR application is available on the Android market for $6.49 and has achieved a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating. You can now download the latest version of this app from Usroid. Note that the version available on Usroid has been purchased and has no difference from the paid version on Google Play.


Mobile Doc Scanner 3 + OCR