Microsoft Edge Preview v104.0.1293.47 – The popular Microsoft Edge browser for Android
Official and original version of the program at your request

Internet Explorer can be considered as one of the first and oldest Internet browsers that was created by the great company Microsoft; But the existence of low speed as well as few features made it gradually go away at the very beginning and different browsers such as Chrome and Firefox replaced it. Although some people still use Internet Explorer and the only reason for its stability is its mandatory presence on Windows; But in the past few months, we have seen that Microsoft finally decided to use a new browser with extensive features! This browser, which is called Microsoft Edge, is now active on Windows 10 and has managed to attract the attention of many people, so we want to delight you in this post and introduce its Android version. Microsoft Edge Preview is a powerful and unique browser developed and published by the well-known company Microsoft Corporation for Android. Just install this software and use its Windows version at the same time to get a fantastic experience in browsing at the same time! All information is automatically synchronized with the Windows version and you can access all of them at any time and place. Apart from high speed and security, there are various features available in Microsoft Edge that eliminate the unsuccessful experience of Internet Explorer and enable you to search among web pages without any restrictions.

Some features and capabilities of Microsoft Edge Preview:

  • Synchronize content and integrated data with the Windows version of the browser
  • High speed and security in browsing web pages
  • Organize and optimize the elements on a page
  • Continue on PC feature to increase synchronization capabilities
  • Mark web pages as favorites
  • Reading mode to focus more on the texts on the websites
  • Ability to scan QR codes

Application Microsoft Edge Preview with a set of specific capabilities and unique Tvantsth in a very short period after the release of more than half a million downloads of active accounts that can now use the newest version of the original and official from the Download Usroid’s big website ; This program is provided and introduced at your request, dear ones.


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