MobilCAD 2d Pro v4.0.6 – 2D AutoCAD app for Android
Purchased and complete version of the program for $2.99

In addition to theoretical courses, engineers must also have the necessary practical skills in their field to enter the job market. One of the problems we face today is the lack of knowledge of students in the software of their specialized field, which leads to higher unemployment rates day by day! To have a successful life and enter a new phase of our life after graduation, we must be able to solve many of our society’s needs as an engineer. Perhaps you have seen people around us who, despite having enough interest in their field, do not have access to professional systems for designing due to financial issues. In such conditions, even an Android phone can help us meet our needs! MobilCAD 2d Pro is the title of a 2D AutoCAD application developed by Brutus and published on Google Play. If we want to describe this software in a few words for you, we can say that you are facing a simple but powerful AutoCAD that many Android smartphones can run. Every important tool you need for designing maps is included in this software, and you can use it without any complicated environment. One of the most important features available in this simple AutoCAD is the ability to write texts and use symbols, which makes the design process simpler and more understandable. After designing the required maps, you can receive them in pdf and dxf formats, which can also be used in the main AutoCAD! Easily retrieve stored designs and make necessary changes to them. It is better not to miss this unique software and stay with us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of the MobilCAD 2d Pro Android app:

  • Access to an advanced AutoCAD in a completely simple and two-dimensional environment
  • A collection of essential design tools to meet your needs
  • Use of texts and symbols in existing maps
  • An appropriate option for students and AutoCAD enthusiasts
  • Obtaining designed maps in pdf and dxf formats
  • The ability to call designs in the original version of AutoCAD
  • Calling up your previous designs and making changes to them again

The MobilCAD 2d Pro application, with the help of various features and capabilities in the field of map design by its developer, has been released on Google Play for $2.99, and as always, you can download the latest version of this simple AutoCAD without any restrictions on accessing features from the popular and visited specialized website Usroid.


MobilCAD 2d Pro