Nova Dark Icon Pack – Rounded Square Shaped Icons v6.4.4 – Beautiful square icon set for Android
Purchased version of the app for $ 1.49

Each of us spends different hours every day working with the phone and using its features. On average, each user unlocks and uses the phone more than 50 times a day. As a result of this heavy use, it is very likely that the user interface and appearance of the Android operating system will be boring for the user and will not be as attractive as before. That’s why many users are looking to change the look of their phone’s operating system. Fortunately, Android is one of the best operating systems in terms of customization, and most parts of it can be easily customized. Many tools have been made for Android personalization, and we have introduced many examples of them at your service in Usroid. Among the most popular and widely used personalization tools in Android, we can name launchers and icon packs. Launchers can change the appearance of the home screen and the menu of Android applications. You can also change the application icon using the icon pack. Using the icon pack and launcher changes the appearance of the Android operating system in general. Today we are at your service in Usroid with a beautiful icon pack. Nova Dark Icon Pack – Rounded Square Shaped Icons is a very beautiful and attractive square icon pack for Android operating system, developed by Creative Studio 14 and published at $ 1.49 on Google Play. There are more than 1700 icons in this collection, all of which are beautifully designed and time consuming. Gradient colors are used in the design of the icons, which gives a special charm to the phone’s user interface. The background of the icons is also dark so that they look better when used in dark environments. A set of custom wallpapers is also included in the program that you can use to create more coordination in the user interface. Note that to use this program, you must have a modern launcher like Nova Launcher installed on your phone.

Some features and capabilities of Nova Dark Icon Pack – Rounded Square Shaped Icons Android:

  • High resolution icons
  • Use attractive gradient colors in icon design
  • Vector icon design, suitable for use on any type of screen
  • Has alternate icons in different styles
  • Has dynamic icons for the calendar
  • Ability to search and view icons
  • Includes a set of KWGT widgets


Nova Dark Icon Pack – Rounded Square Shaped Icons application changes Android icons as beautifully as possible and with the satisfaction of Android users, it was able to receive an excellent score of 5.2 out of 5.2 from Google Play users. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Nova Dark Icon Pack