Microsoft OneDrive v7.0 Final – Excellent app for storing data on cloud servers for Android
Install the original, official, and original package of the Microsoft OneDrive app

Microsoft OneDrive – وان درایو is one of the popular products and services of the well-known company Microsoft Corporation in the field of personal file storage for Android devices, which provides a wide and free space for uploading, storing, and sharing personal and work files; so you can upload your desired information with any format via your Android device and then access them from any device such as a computer or a mobile phone. The files stored on the powerful OneDrive servers are permanent and easily shareable, and you can use them to store personal or work information. Another notable feature of this application is that its servers are cloud-based, meaning that your information is stored in multiple locations around the world, so that everyone can receive it with the best and highest speed from any corner of the world! If you are facing a shortage of space on your Android device and looking for a safe and permanent space to store them, we recommend Microsoft OneDrive to you and be sure that you will not regret using it! This service provides you with an extraordinary security feature that allows you to protect and store personal files; no one will have access to your uploaded information until you share your account login information with someone.

Features of the popular Microsoft OneDrive Android application:

  • Sharing all files
  • Automatically uploading photos and videos to your personal account using camera backup
  • Transferring, deleting, and renaming files and creating new folders
  • Opening some files in the OneDrive app
  • Easy search for files and folders
  • Free file upload and cloud sharing with others
  • A secure and beautiful environment with high security for keeping personal files
  • Providing a free 5GB space with the possibility of upgrading

Microsoft OneDrive is an extraordinary program that has been able to earn 4.6 out of 5.0 points in Google Play based on thousands of votes, which is a sign of the high quality and efficiency of this small program that has been installed more than 500 million times so far! All features and capabilities of Microsoft OneDrive service are available to the public and there are no restrictions on its use. You can now get the latest and complete version of it with just one click from the high-speed servers of Usroid.