Opera GX: Gaming Browser is a popular Internet / web browser from Opera for Android, which is 100% free on Google Play, and now its latest update is in front of you. Experience the world’s first gaming browser and a gamer-style life by installing Opera GX on your Android phone. In this program, you can watch free games and the best type of GX Corners; Easily transfer links between your phone and desktop with My Flow and enjoy a secure, private browser. The special design of Opera GX application is inspired by games and the needs of a gamer; This design is the same type of design that has won Red Dot and IF Design awards. The GX corner section of this browser provides you with daily gaming news, a calendar of the latest releases and trailers; These are all things that a gamer needs to be always aware of the latest news and to be up to date with the latest events in the game world. To connect your PC to your mobile phone, simply scan a QR code and take advantage of this versatile feature; Using this feature is completely secure and encrypted and does not require a password, login or account. With one simple click, send your links, videos and notes to yourself and access them instantly on your browser on all devices.




Opera GX: Gaming Browser automatically stops cookies and cookie dialogs. Search with improved security aspects of this program, with higher security and loading speed. Opera GX browser also has cryptocurrency protection. This means it can prevent others from using your device to extract passwords. Opera is an innovative international web company; It is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange; The company was founded in 1995 with the idea that everyone should be able to use the Internet; Over the past 25 years, Opera has helped millions of people gain secure, private, and easy access to the Internet, and is one of the most popular Internet browser companies, with a dedicated Internet browser for gamers.




Typing and searching is difficult when moving or walking; Another feature of this program is helping to solve this problem. When using Opera GX, you have the option to choose between FAB and Standard mode. However, switching to FAB mode is always available and you can enable this mode. FAB uses vibrations when interacting, which is very convenient when the person is moving. In this program, you can choose your favorite type from the GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Hase and White Wolf themes. Usroid as the latest Android reference in Iran; It has released the latest version of Opera GX internet browser for free and with a direct link for download, which you can get with a half price internet tariff and enjoy having a gaming internet browser.