Override DNS (a DNS changer) v124-0 – DNS access application and change it in Android
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You may have come across the word dns over and over again. In its simplest form, DNS is a database system that changes the full name of a computer domain to an IP address. In addition, it is better to know that there are different ways to increase the speed of the Internet, one of which is to change the DNS, in some cases you can change it, you can see a significant increase in speed. Override DNS is a very useful program by which you can easily connect to the DNS of your Android device.He had access to it and changed it according to his needs. One of the biggest features of this application is the automatic change of DNS when connected to the Internet, which can bypass many of the sanctions and restrictions created for your device and bring you free access to the web. Insert your own DNS to set up your own dedicated DNS on your smart device if you connect to a specific WiFi. It is good to know that the consumption of this software from the CPU of smart devices is almost zero and it consumes a very small amount of device battery. Just note that you need root access to use Override DNS.

Some features and capabilities of Android Override DNS (a DNS changer) program:

  • Automatically change DNS when connecting to a WiFi
  • Select a specific DNS when connecting to a specific WiFi
  • Bypass any sanctions created for the default DNS of your Android device
  • Create custom DNS
  • Very little use of CPU and battery
  • Simple and easy user interface

Aplykynsh Override DNS (a DNS changer) has been able to price its $ Score 4.7 out of 5.0 by users in the Android Market acquired the now just the latest version purchased it from the server fast site Usroid received without any problems Search the web freely.


Override DNS