[P9 Launcher – Android™ 9.0 P Launcher Style v8.5 [Prime – Modern Android Launcher App
The Prime and Paid version worth $6.99 for the first time on Persian language websites

Having a special launcher is one of the first necessary steps to having a beautiful interface and intelligent management system that helps you use your smartphone for months without any fatigue. So far, various launchers have been released in the Android market, and the Usroid website has provided you with the best of them. In this post, we also intend to introduce you to one of the newest ones. P9 Launcher – Android™ 9.0 P Launcher Style Prime is the title of a modern Android 9 environment simulation application developed by the reputable N Dev Team and published on the Google Play Store. Just install this app on your tablet or Android phone and transform your operating system! After installation, everything becomes just like Android, not a simulation, and a complete management feeling is imparted to users. All parts of this launcher are customizable, and you can change it according to your taste. If you are concerned about privacy violations, you no longer need to install side apps and can protect your apps with just a few touches.

Some features and capabilities of P9 Launcher – Android™ 9.0 P Launcher Style application:

  • Accurate and intelligent simulation of Android 9 environment
  • Support for thousands of different and beautiful themes
  • Extraordinary support for all icon packs available on Google Play
  • Access to all programmable gestures and shortcuts in Android
  • Sorting all available apps from A to Z for quick access
  • Drawer bars for faster actions
  • Adjusting the size of available icons to your liking
  • Easy editing of launcher pages, backgrounds, or changing widgets
  • Counting and displaying all unread messages and missed calls
  • Ability to hide and lock your private apps

The P9 Launcher – Android™ 9.0 P Launcher Style app, with its various features and flawless simulation of Android 9, has received a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users by paying $6.99 in-app purchase. You can now download the latest unlimited prime version from the popular website Usroid.

Note: The program name has been changed to P Launcher 2020 new in the new version.


P9 Launcher - Android™ 9.0 P Launcher Style Prime