Persian Calendar v9.1.5 – Practical and Complete Persian Calendar Application for Android
Ad-free and Complete Version of the Program Presented to You, Dear Ones
Exclusive to Usroid

We all refer to calendars to stay informed about events and other information. Nowadays, technology has influenced calendars and enabled us to access various types of calendars on our smartphones. Persian Calendar Ad-Free is a complete and excellent Persian calendar for the year 1401 specifically designed for Android devices, published by Ebrahim Byagowi. Iranian users can stay up to date with any date and view the equivalent dates in lunar and Gregorian calendars using this calendar. As you may have noticed from the beginning, one of the most important features of this app is displaying events for each day, keeping you informed about any events. You don’t need any external tools to know the prayer times as this app provides you with the exact prayer times according to your location at the bottom of the page. Additionally, a professional Qibla compass is available to help users easily identify the direction of Qibla. Don’t miss out on this Persian calendar and stay with us to benefit from it.

Some features and capabilities of the Persian Calendar Android app:

  • Having access to a flawless Persian calendar
  • Viewing important events and happenings on each day
  • Displaying daily equivalent dates in lunar and Gregorian calendars
  • Showing daily prayer times separately
  • Professional Qibla compass for more accurate direction
  • Displaying daily date in notification bar
  • Option to convert Persian dates to Gregorian and lunar calendars
  • Very simple and user-friendly interface

The Persian Calendar app, with its various features and capabilities, has been able to receive a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Iranian and foreign users on Google Play with millions of downloads. You can now download the latest ad-free version without any limitations from the Usroid website. This app has been introduced at your request dear users!


Persian Calendar