Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera v1.0.15 – Android Cinematography Camera App!
The professional and complete version of the program worth $19.99

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera is the title of an amazing cinematic camera app developed by Blink Academy Ltd and released on Google Play. Users use various titles of their smartphones’ cameras. Some of these users are bloggers or YouTubers, and the quality of their clips is important to them. Although the quality of camera hardware is very important in recording videos and taking photos, using suitable software is also important. Various software can be seen in the Android market, each of which provides users with special features and helps them get the best use of their device’s lens. However, some of them attract a lot of users’ attention due to their extensive features. So far, we have tried to provide you with the best startup apps, but one of the best titles found on Usroid is Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera. It is fair to say that the features of this camera are so numerous and diverse that we could not find a suitable title for it. Anyway, you can stay with us for more familiarity with this software.

Transforming Your Smartphone into a Cinematic Video Camera with Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera

The Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera software turns Android smartphones into a professional cinematic camera with a range of features and capabilities for its users. Undoubtedly, this startup is a great option for bloggers and vloggers alike. Upon installation and after viewing the first images displayed from the camera, you will immediately notice the recording quality. The video recording system in this application is configured in such a way that it feels like a professional filmmaker is behind the active camera! There are two diverse filming modes available to users: automatic mode and professional mode, with each mode catering to your specific needs.

Having a professional view in your filming

It may be hard to believe, but after installing Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera, there is no difference between your smartphone and a professional camera. More than 12 cinematic views are provided to users to create extraordinary works. These different views help you to use more creativity in various filming scenes and create a unique final result. Everything depends only on you and your talents, as everything you need is provided to you. The color curve helps you to create extensive changes in the displayed space and make the filming beauty twice as much.

Protake – Professional Filmmaking Assistant

If we were to give another title to the Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera program, we could call it a professional filmmaking assistant that will amaze you in a way. You can adjust the lighting of the scene without any special tools and change the aspect ratio of the display with just a gesture. Usually, Android smartphones do not provide an option for users to adjust the frame rate in the default camera app, but Protake helps you take advantage of the best FPS according to the hardware used when recording videos. Additionally, the recorded file names are in a global standard format, and you will never be confused to find them.

Some features and capabilities of Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera app for Android:

  • Transforming Android smartphones into a cinematic film camera
  • Two different modes of automatic and professional filming with various management options
  • Internal color curve to create changes in displayed colors
  • More than 12 cinematic views for recording in different scenes
  • Professional monitoring tools such as Waveform, RGB Histogram, and Audio Meter
  • Adjusting lighting and focus to your liking
  • Automatically normalizing frame rates
  • Professional and principled naming of recorded videos
  • Complete registration of metadata

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera app, with its special features and capabilities in the field of filming, has been released by its developer for free with in-app purchases of $19.99 and has received a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download its latest professional version from the popular website Usroid.


Protake - Mobile Cinema Camera