Puffin Browser Pro v9.0.0.50509 – Fast and Secure Browser for Android Phones
Offering you the purchased version worth $4.99

Puffin Browser Pro – پوفین بروزر is one of the fastest and most unique Android browsers, published by CloudMosa Inc. This $4.99 browser has been able to provide unparalleled speed when browsing web pages, easily proving its superiority over other browsers such as Chrome, Dolphin, and Firefox. The use of satellite resources and cloud servers is one of the reasons for its continuous progress in increasing speed, making it unique in its kind. Even if you do not use a secure internet connection, there is no need to worry because all data sent from Android devices is encrypted, and the received information from the browser’s dedicated server is also encrypted. Puffin reduces internet usage significantly with its proprietary compression algorithm, saving up to 90% of bandwidth. In addition to the mentioned features, it also includes an intelligent download system, which is very rare in its kind. With this feature, users can directly save files up to 1 gigabyte in their dedicated cloud servers without storing them on their Android devices.

Some features and capabilities of Puffin Browser Pro for Android:

  • Reducing and compressing the volume of pages and receiving each page quickly
  • Full support for Adobe Flash
  • An exclusive download system for direct downloading of files in a dedicated cloud space
  • Theater mode for online movies and web games
  • Connecting to your accounts on social networks and cloud servers
  • Support for an extraordinary encryption system to prevent data hacking
  • The fastest JavaScript engine available among other browsers
  • Support for desktop mode
  • Anonymous search mode to leave no trace in the web world

The high-speed Puffin Browser Pro with the mentioned features and its $4.99 price has attracted more than 500,000 active downloads and received a 3.0 out of 5.0 rating. You can now purchase the latest version from the Usroid website.


Puffin Browser