QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.9.9 – One of the best and most complete Android text editor apps.
Purchased version of the app worth $3.59

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is one of the best, most comprehensive, and popular text file editing applications for Android devices, released by Rhythm Software Studio for $2.99 on Google Play. With this app, you can edit and save various text files such as C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP, and more on your tablet or mobile phone! We have introduced various text editing software for Android so far, all of which were the best, but today we have another one of the best and simplest paid text editing programs that hundreds of people who have purchased it have praised it as an excellent text editor! If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use text editor for your Android device that makes you independent of having an excellent text editor and is free of ads, do not miss QuickEdit Text Editor Pro under any circumstances! The set of features included in this app meets all your needs for text file editing, and without a doubt, you will enjoy having it!

Some of the features and capabilities of QuickEdit Text Editor Pro Android app:

  • Support for +40 different text file formats and programming languages
  • Useful function to show or hide line numbers
  • Powerful and excellent search and replace function for desired characters
  • Two different dark and light themes with user selection option
  • Functions for editing system files for rooted phones
  • Functions for automatic character recognition, going to a specific line, and more
  • Optimized for Android tablets and phones without ads

The QuickEdit Text Editor Pro app currently has a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating on the Android market, and we at Usroid provide the latest and newest version of it for free, which you can download with just one click. In the unlocked and purchased version, all program features are available, but in the free version, some features are not available.


QuickEdit Text Editor Pro