So far, we have introduced various applications in the field of meteorology for Android , all of which were the best of their kind, but… today we intend to introduce a new and interesting application called Rain Alarm Premium  , which you can use Be alert before it rains! In fact, the program automatically detects your location and notifies you at various intervals before it rains. Maybe you are a user who travels to other cities and would like to manage rainfall professionally. We suggest you the application.

The Rain Alarm Premium program  supports all cities and villages of our beloved country Iran and provides you with complete information in just a few seconds. Of course, it goes without saying that there are other useful features embedded in the program that you will realize.

Some features and capabilities of Rain Alarm Premium Android application:

* Having an advanced and programmable alarm for user use

* Having a dedicated and stylish widget to place on the home screen of the device

* Update at different intervals and in the background without interrupting the program

* Includes various settings such as time frame, distance , power and…

* No ads + very simple user interface and no ambiguity

The Rain Alarm Premium app  is now available on Google Play for free with in-app payments, and is one of the top Android apps and has been well received, with a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 indicating this popularity. Today in Farsroid, we provide you with a premium and complete version of this application for free and with a direct link.


Rain Alarm