[Reedy. Intelligent reader v3.2.4 [Pro- Android text reading application
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Speed reading is a scientific solution for increasing the speed of reading texts, allowing you to learn several different pages in just a few minutes. There are four different ways to increase reading speed, one of which is using Android apps or RSVP. Reedy. Intelligent reader Pro Unlocked is a powerful program for increasing speed reading, published by AzaGroup for the Android operating system. This software helps users to review more than 3000 words in one minute using a completely scientific method and technique and register them in their minds. Three different modes are included in this program, allowing you to choose and use each one according to your needs. In addition to the given explanations, many different formats of digital books are supported by Reedy and there are no restrictions on choosing and reading books. If you are also interested in speed reading, do not miss this intelligent software and stay with us in the following article.

Some of the features and capabilities of Reedy. Intelligent reader Android app:

  • Increasing reading speed up to 3000 words per minute
  • Three different modes of regular reading, speed reading, and text-to-speech conversion system
  • Customizable display of footnotes, tables, links, images, and …
  • Support for extracting text from web pages for practice in speed reading
  • Simple and easy visual navigation system
  • Ability to select, copy, or share any text from documents
  • Locking the vertical or horizontal mode of the page while reading texts
  • Adjusting the font size and type
  • Support for various digital book formats
  • Easy switch between different reading modes

The Reedy. Intelligent reader app has been able to receive thousands of active downloads and a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 by Google Play users as one of the top software available for practicing and repeating speed reading. You can now download the latest professional version of it for free from the Usroid website.


Reedy. Intelligent reader