SD Maid 2/SE – System Cleaner v0.24.0 – Useful and Special Android Optimization Application
The professional and complete version of the program worth $5.49

SD Maid 2/SE – System Cleaner is a specialized and practical optimizer for Android mobile devices, developed by darken and published on Google Play. As you may have noticed, our smartphones sometimes collect files and create directories that we do not recognize, or we come across files that we deleted a long time ago! This software helps us avoid these problems. SD Maid allows us to quickly scan all the memory of our Android device and quickly solve any such problems with the help of an intelligent system. Unlike similar optimization programs, this software solves all problems at the root and we will no longer see them. The developers have designed the user interface of this startup so that you can access all the tools and features provided in the shortest possible time. In addition to deleting and cleaning up existing files in memory and automatically created directories, you can completely automate this process! To do this, simply take full advantage of the internal calendar and scheduler and allow the software to perform the cleanup process completely intelligently and automatically at specified intervals. After using SD Maid 2/SE – System Cleaner, you will see an increase in the speed of your smartphone. If you think this program may mistakenly delete some of your important and necessary files, you should know that before executing commands and deleting files and directories, a list of them will be provided to you so that you can prevent their deletion in case of any mistakes.

Some of the features and capabilities of the SD Maid 2/SE – System Cleaner Android app:

  • Optimizing and speeding up the execution of commands in the Android operating system
  • An option for cleaning up leftover files from deleted apps
  • Fixing the issue of automatically creating folders, files, and directories
  • Show and delete hidden cache of apps and games
  • Show files and folders before permanently deleting them
  • An option for automatic optimization of the smart phone at specified intervals
  • A simple and organized user interface

The SD Maid 2/SE – System Cleaner application, with various features and capabilities in the field of optimizing the activity of Android smartphones, has been released for free by its developer along with a $5.49 in-app purchase. You can now download the latest professional version of this app from the popular website Usroid.


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