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With the increasing use of mobile phones, mobile payment applications that bring us a more comfortable life are also becoming popular. Payment applications are among the most popular mobile apps that have found a special place among people by offering new payment solutions. Busy schedules, exhausting traffic, spending a lot of time on financial tasks, and the widespread use of smartphones have led to the provision and expansion of financial services on mobile platforms, which can also add ease of use, security, and many features to the list of advantages of these applications. These applications focus on providing payment and banking services and make us independent of standing in long bank queues. We have introduced many examples of these types of programs to you so far, and today we are also introducing you to one of the best and most advanced mobile payment applications. Sekeh – سکه is the title of a mobile payment application with many features specific to the Android operating system, which has been developed by Behpardakht Mellat software group and is available for free on Google Play. The Sekeh app belongs to BehPardakht Mellat company, a subsidiary of Bank Mellat. The most important feature of this program is its support for NFC payment. By using this feature, if you have stored your Bank Mellat card in this app, you can make your purchases at the checkout terminals of BehPardakht Mellat without the need to carry or swipe your card by simply bringing your phone close to the terminal and entering your PIN. Of course, this feature is only available for Mellat Interbank cards. Like other mobile payment apps, this program also offers many services beyond banking.

Some features and capabilities of Sekeh Android application:

  • View balance of Shetab network member cards
  • Inquiry and payment of mobile bills in between and end of periods
  • Payment of telephone, water, electricity and gas bills using bill ID or scanning barcode with mobile camera
  • Purchase of Irancell recharge
  • Purchase of Hamrah-e-Aval recharge
  • Purchase of Rightel recharge
  • Card to card transfer from Mellat Bank
  • Card to card transfer from various banks including Mellat Bank, National Bank, Tejarat Bank, Sepah Bank, Parsian Bank, Eghtesad Novin Bank, Mehr Eqtesad Bank, Sarmayeh Bank, Ghavamin Bank, Hekmat Iranian Bank, Sanat-o-Madan Bank, Gardeshgari Bank, Iran Zamin Bank, Khavarmianeh Bank
  • Payment through NFC technology
  • Payment of car fines
  • Purchase of Irancell 3G and 4G internet packages
  • Purchase of Hamrah-e-Aval internet packages
  • Purchase of Notrino packages
  • Participation in charity and philanthropy
  • Participation in various lotteries with valuable prizes

Sekeh is an excellent application for quick, easy and hassle-free payment transactions on smartphones. This program has a suitable speed and you can rely on it for fast payments. Sekeh has managed to receive a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from Android users on Google Play with their satisfaction. You can now download the original, official and ad-free version of this program with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


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