Signal Strength Premium v26.0.3 – application for checking the strength of communication signals in AndroidSignal Strength Premium v26.0.3 – application for checking the strength of communication signals in Android
premium and professional version with all the featuresPremium and professional version with all features

As you know, the new generation of high-speed internet of mobile operators has been expanding recently and has not yet been extended to some places. In addition, the service of operators in some areas has been very poor, which is directly related to the speed of mobile internet. has it. The Signal Strength Android app helps you find the best spot with the most signaling in your area and experience a high-speed Internet. In addition to various operators, this program also supports the examination of Wi-Fi signals and provides you with the best place that has the best signal. After installation, you will be faced with six different categories, each of which performs a specific task in the program; One of the unique tools used in Signal Strength is a tool for checking and checking the health of the device, by which you will be able to be informed about the health of your device’s antenna. If you are a professional user, you should know that the available tools cover both professional and ordinary users. Professional users can use more tools such as cell tower information, information of both SIM cards at the same time. دقیق Access detailed network information. It is also good to know that several different types of widgets are used in the program, which by placing them on the screen, you will be able to see the amount of received signals anywhere without running the application.

Some features and capabilities of Android Signal Strength app:

  • Intelligent signal meter system
  • Displays the strength of the received signals anywhere
  • Test the speed of mobile internet or WiFi
  • Various WiFi network tools
  • Display dual SIM card information simultaneously (in Android 5.1 and later)
  • Display detailed network information
  • Cell tower information attached to it
  • Obtain the amount of latency in the connections

Application Signal Strength able to millions of downloads and thousands of rate of pay within the network $ 2.99 Rating 4.1 out of 5.0 by users in the Android Market get that as usual site Usroid Premium version it free of charge, and can Get the maximum speed available.


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