SKYHILL is a new and extremely beautiful game in the style of adventure, role-playing and action games from SKYHILL game development studio for Android , which was released a few minutes ago for $ 2.99 in the big Google market, and again, as always, we decided for the first time in ایران Introducing it to you, the lovers of special Android games! World War III is a brutal tragedy for some people, it seems you are relaxing at your penthouse at the Skyhill Hotel at the right time; As long as the explosion of environmental weapons returns the sheet of your life! Mutants are the most important threat and they are eager to tear your body to pieces with their claws! But they are not a threat in themselves, because the challenge of ammunition and enough food is another problem for you. You have to get out of your classic penthouse and look for food. Walking outdoors is like walking in hell, danger in any There is a corner of SKYHILL and death will always be with you. Nothing but survival matters, beside that time is running out! The gameplay of the gameSKYHILL is very beautiful and you can build useful weapons for yourself and look for various items, whatever you find is useful; The choices in the game were very important and have a great impact on the storyline!


SKYHILL Android Games


SKYHILL game has not had any sales until the moment we are introducing it, and by downloading it from Usroid high-speed servers, you are one of the first global users to experience it! Gameplay with unique graphics can inform you of an amazing title, if you are a fan of games that design and build to attract your attention, no doubt SKYHILL with a great story alongside HD graphics and terrifying sound bring you a different experience from the Role Playing category games! You can first view the images and trailer of the game and download the game for free if you wish.

Changes in version v1.0.47:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.