Sliced Icon Pack v2.3.4Beautiful Icon Pack with Material Colors
Purchased version of the app for $1.39

Since the creation of the first graphical interface for software, icons have been introduced to software design and gradually have been used more extensively. In today’s software, more than 90% of the user interface is dedicated to icons. Each icon represents an action and purpose. The use of icons makes it much easier for the user’s eye to identify the desired option. Icons are also widely used on smartphones. Every program and game we install on our phones has an icon that shows the purpose and functionality of the program. Using these icons, we can quickly find and use the desired program among the existing ones. Due to the installation of a large number of programs and games, the number of icons on the phone increases and takes up a significant percentage of the user interface. This makes changing icons an easy way to change the user interface and transform it. To change the icons of programs and games, an icon pack is needed. Icon packs are programs that include a large number of alternative icons that are applied using launchers. We have offered many icon packs on Usroid so far. Today, we are introducing another icon pack to you, called Sliced Icon Pack, a very beautiful icon pack with a material design and style, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Rahul K Dinesh and published on Google Play for $1.39. This program contains more than 1400 icons that cover most Android apps and games. These icons are all designed with high precision and attention to detail, and will give an excellent look to your phone’s user interface. The high quality and resolution of the icons make them suitable for use on any type of screen. Using the folder icons in this icon pack, you can organize your programs and games in a beautiful way and group them. In addition, the program includes 20 very beautiful wallpapers that you can use to further harmonize your user interface. You can use this icon pack with most popular Android launchers.

Some features and capabilities of Sliced Icon Pack for Android:

  • Includes over 1400 high-resolution icons
  • Uses material colors and Google style in designing icons
  • Includes 20 beautiful background images
  • Includes folder icons
  • Possibility to request icons
  • Supports popular Android launchers

The Sliced Icon Pack app has received an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from Android users and is now available for free with all its features and capabilities on Usroid. This special icon pack has been introduced upon your request and its latest version is now available to you.


Sliced Icon Pack