Song Recorder, Music Recorder and MP3 Recorder v1.0.5 – Recorder of sound and music
Professional and full version of the app

Voice recorder was and still is one of the first features on smartphones. In recent years, more microphones have been installed on these devices to increase the quality of audio recording on the phone. Therefore, in terms of hardware, the quality of audio recording on smartphones has greatly increased, but in terms of software, the quality of playback is still no different from the past. By default, all smartphones have an app for recording audio. These apps typically use a microphone to record audio, which means they can’t have high-quality stereo recording. Fortunately, to solve this problem, various applications have been created that can record audio with very high quality. Most of these applications are designed to record sounds in the environment such as lectures, classrooms, interviews and the like, and can not be used to record high quality music. Today we are at your service with a plan to do this. Song Recorder, Music Recorder and MP3 Recorder is an application for recording the best quality audio for the Android operating system, developed by Jaya Zone Tech and published for free on Google Play. This program can use the maximum hardware capacity of your phone to record sound quality. You can set the recording quality as you wish. The higher the recording quality, the higher the volume occupied by the file, if you are producing audio content to share on social networks, you should keep this in mind. According to the usual way of playing songs, recording is done at 128 and 320-bit rates. It is possible to record mono and stereo and the user can switch between modes as desired. If necessary, you can pause in each part of the recording and continue recording at another time. An audio player is also built into the app to play your recorded files without the need for other apps. The files recorded in this program are saved in mp3 format on the phone memory and you can easily share them with others in various ways.

Some features and capabilities of Song Recorder, Music Recorder and MP3 Recorder Android app:

  • High quality recording in mono and stereo mode
  • Ability to select a bit rate for audio recording
  • Ability to pause and resume recording at any time
  • Has a built-in player to play recorded sounds
  • Record audio in mp3 format


Song Recorder, Music Recorder and MP3 Recorder application is a high quality sound recorder that with the satisfaction of Android users has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the professional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Song Recorder, Music Recorder and MP3 Recorder