Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers v1.r – The global platform application for Android wallpapers!
The full and VIP version of the app is worth $0.99

Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers is an Android wallpaper platform developed by Hackdrip and published on Google Play. Wallpapers are one of the available ways to personalize the display screen of Android smartphones. Usually, one of the problems that users face when using wallpapers is the very low quality of some images. Therefore, we recommend that you use wallpaper download software! However, it should be noted that not every startup provides suitable facilities for you! Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers is one of the best and most comprehensive Android wallpaper download platforms that provides its users with access to millions of diverse wallpapers. With this startup, you will be able to select the best and highest quality wallpapers for your Android phone with just a few taps. So, don’t miss the opportunity and join us to get to know this program better.

Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers: A world of HD background images

There are always various reasons for the popularity of an app; reasons that users often pay close attention to. However, one of the most important reasons for the high popularity of the Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers app among Android users is the provision of high-quality HD and 4K images. After installation and entering the start-up dashboard, you will be connected to an endless collection of various wallpapers. The development and design team has endeavored not only to provide wallpapers with exceptional quality, but also to use the best colors.

Static and Animated Wallpapers in One App!

It may be hard to believe, but Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers is the solution to access all kinds of wallpapers! Not only static wallpapers, but with just a little browsing and exploration, you can access a collection of amazing live wallpapers. All of these wallpapers are categorized in various categories, making it very easy and simple to access them. So, you no longer need any external tools to get live wallpapers, just install one app and you will have everything you want!

High Diversity and Rapid Wallpaper Updates

If we want to introduce Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers software in another way, we can call it a large community for accessing various wallpapers. Contrary to what you may think, only a part of the background images available in the app is designed by the developer, and many of them are designed by users. The Splash Wallpaper working method is exactly like a social network, where instead of text, only background images are shared. You can follow your favorite designers to access their designs as soon as they make new wallpapers. Like other social networks, a collection of popular wallpapers that millions of users have used is displayed in the Explore section. Also, remember that you can download your desired wallpapers and share them with your friends.

Some features and capabilities of the Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers app for Android:

  • A user-centered platform to access millions of different wallpapers
  • Continuous updates and daily addition of hundreds of new images to the database
  • Categorization of all available wallpapers for easier access
  • View a list of the most popular wallpapers from users’ perspectives
  • An option to download and save wallpapers to your smartphone’s memory
  • Access to a great collection of various live wallpapers
  • High-quality wallpapers
  • Commenting option for each design
  • An option to follow users and designers

Splash Wallpapers – 4K HD & Live Wallpapers app, with its various features and capabilities, has been released for free by its developer, along with a $0.99 in-app purchase, and has received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download the latest version of this app without any limitations from the popular website Usroid.

Note: The application is only installed on devices with Arm64-v8a processors.


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