Stellarium Plus – Star Map v1.11.0 – Professional and Feature-Rich Android Astronomy Application
The purchased and complete version for the first time in Iran at a price of $9.99

Undoubtedly, you are familiar with the Stellarium program; an astronomy software that has its own special followers on different operating systems. The company that developed this program has introduced several different versions of the Stellarium series so far, and the Usroid website intends to introduce you to a new version in this post. Stellarium Plus – Star Map is the title of a feature-rich and professional astronomy application developed by Noctua Software for Android and published on Google Play. This unique sky simulator helps you examine the stars at any time and see them in a beautiful view. Perhaps one of the reasons that has made this software very popular among other programs is the information available in it; in such a way that its combined catalog provides accurate information on 2 million stars and galaxies, which is very essential and practical for astronomy enthusiasts. All known comets are present in this software, and various satellites have been simulated, among which the International Space Station can be mentioned.

Some features and capabilities of the Stellarium Plus – Star Map Android app:

  • High-quality images of well-known stars
  • An exceptional catalog containing information on over 2 million stars and galaxies
  • Intelligent simulation of the night sky with astronomical images
  • Complete information on all known binary stars
  • Extraordinary simulation of atmospheric refraction and satellites in space
  • Possibility to control the telescope
  • Advanced and unique tools
  • A completely realistic view of sunrise and sunset

The Stellarium Plus – Star Map application, with its special features and capabilities, has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users for its $9.99 price. You can now purchase the latest version of the app from the vast database of Usroid website.


Stellarium Mobile Plus - Star Map