Exclusive release of TikTok Lite by Usroid for the first time on the internet. [Exclusive version = removal of regional and location restrictions, running and entering the application without connection error!]

TikTok Lite v34.8.2 – TikTok Lite for Android devices
Exclusive version for Usroid

In 2016, an application called Musical.ly was introduced in China, which allowed its users to create and share videos. The videos available on this app were short in duration and users were given the ability to apply various edits to their videos. With the great reception that this app received, more features were added to it and hundreds of millions of people around the world downloaded it, joining the ranks of video producers or viewers. After a while, Musical.ly changed its name to TikTok and became one of the largest platforms for sharing short videos. By default, this social network application consumes a lot of memory, making it difficult for people with phones with limited memory or internet usage restrictions to fully utilize its features. Eventually, TikTok addressed this issue by providing a lighter version of the app, TikTok Lite, which consumes less data. Today, we are at your service with this application. TikTok Lite is the title of the lightweight version of the TikTok social network application, specifically designed for the Android operating system, developed by TikTok PTE.ltd. and published for free on Google Play. TikTok Lite has a similar appearance to the original TikTok app, and you won’t notice any significant differences when using it, but it has a much smaller size and includes settings that reduce the user’s internet usage. In addition, to watch videos on it, there is no need for high internet speed, and users with slow connections can easily use it. Unlike the original app, videos are not preloaded on TikTok, and a video only starts downloading when a user requests it. This feature is very suitable for Iranian users who have limited internet usage. Please note that TikTok Lite is primarily designed for users who want to watch videos, not for users who want to create videos. Therefore, if you want to be an active content producer on TikTok, we recommend downloading the original TikTok app to take advantage of all its features.

Some of the features and capabilities of TikTok Lite Android:

  • Less data usage and device memory compared to the original TikTok
  • No automatic video downloads
  • Appearance similar to the original TikTok
  • No need for powerful hardware to run
  • High speed in finding and displaying your desired videos

The TikTok Lite application is an optimized version of TikTok for users with limited internet and memory, which has received an 4.2 out of 5.0 rating from Android users with over 100,000,000 downloads from Google Play and user satisfaction. You can now download the original version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.

1 – To enter the program, you must use email or Facebook [due to sanctions, entering with mobile number is not possible].
2 – Not only the Persian version, but also the Google Play version is not connected to Google account!
3 – Due to sanctions, it is not possible to use TikTok with an Iranian IP, and you must use anti-sanction programs to enter the program!
4 – The upcoming version of the program has been prepared by the Usroid group and is being presented to you for the first time on the internet.

Changes in version v34.8.2 :

* Improving program performance


TikTok Lite