Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3 v3.1.8 – Easy Audio and Video File Editing Android Application
The original version of the program at the request of our dear users

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3 is a completely professional and yet simple program for editing audio and video files, which has been released by Xeus for Android. This software allows you to edit, cut and join audio and video files. One of the popular features of Timbre is the simplest way to cut files and the high quality of output files after cutting, which is unique in its kind. The unique features of this application are divided into two groups of audio and video files, each with slightly different features. One of the most important common features of these two groups is the high speed of file editing and getting output in just a few seconds, which is more noticeable than anything else and unlike other similar programs, there is no need to spend several minutes to receive and save edited files. In addition, the output file format is up to you, and you can receive it in a different format than the original file. Finally, it should be noted that Timbre also includes a powerful text-to-speech conversion engine, which by entering the desired text, you can receive an audio file in any desired format.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Timbre app for Android: Cut, Join, Convert mp3:

  • Support for both audio and video file formats
  • Categorization of program abilities and features in two groups: audio and visual
  • Ability to cut and merge multiple files together
  • Support for popular audio and video formats
  • Easy conversion between audio and visual formats
  • High-speed and high-quality output file download
  • Powerful text-to-speech conversion engine and ability to receive audio files in desired formats

The Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3 application, as one of the most professional and comprehensive audio and video file editing tools, has received a 4.1 out of 5.0 rating from users on the Play Store. You can now download the latest ad-free version from the vast Usroid database.


Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3