To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders v1.02.17.1130 – Android task list and planning application
The professional version of the program is worth $44.99

To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders is the title of a planning and task list creation application developed by Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder and published on Google Play. The main factor to succeed in life is having a detailed plan and doing your activities at the right time. There are different ways to plan and stick to planning, but normally we Iranians are not familiar with them. Due to this issue, developers come to the help of users and help with their special software so that we can have an intelligent monitoring of our tasks and manage our work. To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders software is one of the best available options in this field. The above program allows you to create a list of your tasks without any restrictions and simply improve your daily schedule as much as possible. This software provides various facilities to users, each of which solves our needs in a way. It is better not to waste time and introduce them, so stay with us.

To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders An endless set of task management tools

If you take a look at the software environment To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders, in the first encounter, you will notice its special features and capabilities, capabilities that each of them somehow meet the needs of your loved ones. One of the main features that users pay more attention to than anything else, is the simple environment and user-friendly UI of this startup. In such a way that you will be able to create a to-do list in just two steps. Add a reminder to each of the tasks you have created to prevent you from forgetting your activities. It is up to you to set the reminders. In addition, you will be provided with a set of default sounds that you can change if you do not want to.

Categorize all task lists

One of the issues that some developers do not pay attention to; Lack of sufficient facilities to categorize all created tasks. Everyone creates different tasks every day according to their activities. The constant increase of these created tasks causes the user interface to be crowded and you can not quickly achieve your favorite tasks. For this purpose, the To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders application provides you with facilities with the help of which you can easily categorize all these tasks as much as possible. Without any restrictions on the number of tasks, create them and place them in pre-defined categories. Also, sometimes some activities are very important to us and we should never forget to do them. For this purpose, it is enough to distinguish important tasks with a star from your other activities.

Provide accurate information about your tasks and activities

Having enough information about the performance we have helps us to overcome our weaknesses and improve our focus on our activities. The To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders program provides us with useful information by carefully analyzing the information gathered from the tasks we have performed. As mentioned, this information is very effective in improving our behavior, activities and habits. In addition, to prevent any problems with the sudden loss of data in memory, you will be able to make a backup of all of them and save them to your personal Google Drive.

Some features and capabilities of To-Do List app – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders Android:

  • Make a list of your daily tasks and activities in the shortest possible time
  • Set a reminder time for each task without interfering with other alarms
  • There were no restrictions on creating to-do lists
  • Categorize all your activities into different groups
  • Identify your most important activities during the day
  • View all tasks on a calendar!
  • Home screen widgets for quick and easy access to information
  • Provide comprehensive and complete information from the analysis of your activities
  • Ability to back up all information stored in the database
  • Password protection

To-Do List – Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders app with a set of great features and capabilities in the field of task management by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 29.99 and a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Users have received that you can now download the latest professional version of it from Usroid website .

To-Do List By Dairy App