Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet v6.40 – Android Trust Wallet app
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Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet is the title and official version of the Trust Volt wallet for the Android operating system, developed by DApps Platform Inc. and published on Google Play. Digital currencies have always been one of the most valuable assets of people around the world. Perhaps in the not-so-distant past, if people knew how much the value of these currencies would increase in the coming years, they would never have invested in any other commodity or asset! Well, it is better not to deviate from the main issue and return to the main discussion of this post. As you know, we need a wallet to store our digital currencies. Wallets come in a variety of forms and are available to digital currency enthusiasts. Some prefer to keep the currency they want in an exchange, while others keep it in hardware wallets that you can buy in the market. All of these methods, which we mentioned in the description above, have drawbacks, for example, you can never trust exchanges to maintain digital value, and on the other hand, hardware wallets are expensive and only valuable to those There are those who want to convert huge sums into digital currencies. Apart from all maintenance methods, one of the best ways to protect and maintain your digital assets is to use different wallets, the apps of which you can see in the Android Market. If we want to make a list of the best digital currency wallets that are available to different people as an application, then without a doubt, the name of Trust Volt can be seen at the top of this list. Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet Trust Volt is a popular wallet and affiliate of Bainance Exchange that helps your loved ones to easily take care of their digital assets in extremely high security and be sure that unlike exchanges, Your assets will not be digitally attacked. This wallet, unlike other available wallets, has unique features and characteristics that we will discuss in the following.

Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet The best option for keeping currency tokens

One of the reasons why Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet has become so popular among digital currency investors is that it supports a large number of digital currencies! In a way, we can say that any type of token or currency that is based on the ERC20 network is present in this wallet and you can make all kinds of transfers. Unlike other wallets, transfer by Trust Volt is very easy and you just need to touch the receive option to receive and the send option to send. Just note that the receiving address is unique to each currency and you can not use the same currency address as Bitcoin to receive Atrium!

Trust Volt is a decentralized exchange!

One of the issues that always worries users, especially Iranian users of foreign digital currency exchanges, is blocking them and freezing their assets. Unfortunately, due to the sanctions imposed on Iran, we can not continue our transactions with any Iranian exchange in any exchange, and in order to operate, we must use fake documents for authentication. Authentication with fake documents is a high risk and may be detected by an exchange office later! For this reason, one of the best available methods is to use decentralized exchanges. In this type of exchange, no authentication is required and you can do your transactions without worries. In Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet, users have access to a decentralized, affiliate-based exchange that allows them to make transactions.

Extremely high security

The creators of Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet use various security systems to protect people’s property, but there is usually no way to hack or bypass them! Therefore, the users of this wallet are sure that even if they face the worst internet attacks on this volt, their property will not be endangered.

Some features and capabilities of Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet Android app:

  • Protect your loved ones’ digital assets in a very secure environment
  • Support for multiple currency ciphers and all tokens based on the ERC20 network
  • Establish direct communication with other decentralized exchanges!
  • Ability to buy your desired digital currency in dollars or euros
  • A decentralized domestic exchange affiliated with the BNB for instant buying and selling of digital assets
  • See the total value of your wallet in the app dashboard
  • View charts and current prices of currencies
  • High security and dedicated keys to restore forgotten accounts

Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet application has been released for free by its developer with the benefit of various features and capabilities in the field of holding and trading digital currencies and has received a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest original and official version of Trust Volt from the direct and half-price servers of Usroid website and keep your digital assets in a safe environment.