Twitter| توئیتر is one of the most popular and well-known social networks where you only have to answer the question of what you are doing in 140 characters, which is like a mini blog! Many important members are on Twitter, from friends and colleagues to Barack Obama, famous Hollywood actors, and singers! You don’t have to write everything you do on Twitter, if you read an interesting article on the web, you can mention it on your Twitter page or if you encounter a problem on your Android mobile and don’t know how to solve it, you can write on Twitter so that professionals can help you and reply to you! On the other hand, you can become useful on Twitter, that is, sit at the heart of the members you follow on Twitter or get news of the first unofficial events and news even earlier than news agencies on Twitter! Twitter has now attracted millions of users from different countries and you may also be a member of this social network; if you have a smartphone or Android tablet and want to easily manage your Twitter page and do things as easily as possible, you can try the powerful Tweetings for Twitter app! This app allows you to easily access Twitter and manage your personal page!

Some features and capabilities of the Tweetings for Twitter Android application:

  • Possibility to upload your own photos to be placed on Twitter page through the application
  • Possibility to customize, edit, apply various filters on photos
  • Easy and fast geotagging by users and you
  • Possibility to place a photo for your Twitter or edit and change it by the user
  • Possibility to enable or disable retweets for users by you and the user
  • Possibility to delete tweets, direct messages and other functions such as support for lists
  • Having a very easy and classy user interface for general account management

The Tweetings for Twitter application is now available on the Android market for $2.99 and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, has been purchased ten thousand times, and you can get the latest version for free from Usroid.


Tweetings for Twitter