UniMote v1.5.2 – UniMote: a practical remote control tool for all traditional and modern TVs with infrared and WiFi connection!
Unlocked and complete version of the program dedicated to you dear ones

UniMote – Universal Smart TV Remote Control is one of the best smart TV remote control programs without physical control and by your Android mobile, which is offered for free on Google Play by SensusTech LLC and now the full version is in front of you. Have you ever needed a remote control for your TV? Anything other than controlling the TV itself that has more features? So join us to introduce the Unimot program to you. Developed by California-based Peel Technologies, the app offers a variety of apps for smartphones and tablets. The company focuses on building applications that enable the remote control of many smart devices and devices. The same goes for the UniMote app, which lets you control your TV remotely using your Android device. This program can be used for TVs such as Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, Sony and etc.., but if you have your own control of the TV, why bother to install this program and use it ?!

Advantages of using UniMote – Universal Smart TV Remote Control Android app:

  • There are probably many times when you lose control of your TV; But your smartphone is always near you so do not worry about losing control.
  • UniMote has more features including Screen Mirroring, Smart Sharing and ScreenCast. As you know, using these features is not possible with the control of the TV itself.
  • You are more involved with your smartphone. So you can better use its capabilities.
  • With this program, you can create your own video using video editing software and watch it on a larger screen such as a TV.
  • The creator of this program has also helped the environment! Because with it, you will no longer need to buy a battery for your TV.
  • This program has an easy user interface so you can use it easily.
  • With UniMote you can control your smart TV using WiFi and your non-smart TV using IR Blaster.
  • This program can be used on most TV brands.
  • The remote control is personalized using the UniMote – Universal Smart TV Remote Control app, and you can interact with it better.

UniMote – Universal Smart TV Remote Control application has been downloaded +1 million times by Android users around the world from Google Play to date, and many users have been able to use this application and experience their TV remote control with more features and completely They are satisfied. Of course, some users have also encountered problems in using it, and you as a person who is looking for a program to remotely control your TV, surely this small program is worth trying and sharing your opinion about it and can You can download the full version with one click from Usroid high-speed servers.

Note: For traditional infrared TVs, an Android device with an internal IR blaster is required; But to connect it to smart TVs, TVs and Android devices must be connected to the same network.