Universal List Pro v27.0.0 – Android App for Creating Public Task Lists
Purchased Version for $1.99

Not only Iranians, but also individuals living in different parts of the world may forget their tasks and the details of their ideas due to the busyness of life. Note-taking can be the first step in preventing forgetfulness, and all you need is a pen and paper to write down everything in great detail. However, this physical tool is not always available to us, and it is better to use a tool that is available to us most of the time, which with a little contemplation, you will realize that a smart device is the best possible option. Universal List Pro is an amazing application for preventing forgetfulness of daily tasks and ideas of users, specifically designed for Android devices, developed by DAJA Soft and published on the Google Play Store. This universal and global list has tried to provide simple but useful features to all users, taking into account the needs of all users and their ability to work with smartphones. Create various topics for the task list and add each task to the main list so that you know what category each activity belongs to. After completing your activities, simply touch an option for the program to know that it has ended. Write a description of the task to prevent any loss of quality and ensure that you will complete it correctly.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Universal List Pro Android app:

  • Create an unlimited list of your activities
  • Add small tasks under big tasks
  • Access your task list anytime, anywhere
  • Very beautiful and visual user interface
  • Accurate sorting of all your tasks
  • Minimalist design
  • Ability to export your task list

The Universal List Pro application, with its universal capabilities, has been released by its developer on the Google Play Store for $1.99. As always, you can download the latest version of this amazing tool for the first time in Iran from the direct servers of Usroid.

* Troubleshooting program issues + new features.


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