Universal TV Remote Control PRO v1.0.23 – Android conversion application for remote control
Purchased version for $ 3.49, dear ones

All smart devices such as TVs, multimedia players, all kinds of stop boxes and… support remote control systems to make them easier to manage than in the past, but today an Android smart device more than control is available and users have faster access to them, which has led to the emergence of remote control applications. Universal TV Remote Control PRO is a great remote control software for smart devices, developed by CodeMatics Media Solutions for Android and published in the big Google Play Market. This software has a set of special commands as well as great capabilities to help its users easily take full control of the digital devices around them. Turn your TV off and on, or change the channel and amaze others. One of the best features of Universal TV is the support of various brands of digital devices, which has caused more than 25 million users to choose it and use this software to control all types of smart TVs. Just note that to use this smart device, your Android device must support infrared.

Some features and capabilities of Universal TV Remote Control PRO Android application:

  • Ability to turn smart devices on and off
  • AV / TV
  • Mute the playing channel
  • Digital buttons to change channels
  • View the list and list of channels
  • Easy volume control
  • Professional support for multifunction keys


Universal TV Remote Control PRO application has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by having a variety of features with its price of $ 3.49, and now you can get the latest version of the program purchased completely free of charge. Download from the most visited Usroid website.


Universal TV Remote Control PRO