WLIP – Icon Pack v1.3 – Beautiful Minimal and Transparent Icon Pack
Purchased version of the app for $0.99

The user interface of smartphones is designed in such a way that it is easy to learn its functionality and access different parts of it quickly. To achieve this goal, text is avoided as much as possible in the user interface and icons are used instead to show different functionalities and separate different sections of the operating system. That is why we can see a lot of icons in the Android user interface. Every game and application installed on the phone has an icon that is designed to be distinct from other application icons so that it can be easily identified and used. By using icon packs and launchers, we can change the icons of Android applications and games and give a new look to the operating system user interface. Launchers are applications that can take control of the home screen and Android application menu and provide the ability to use icon packs. Icon packs are also applications that include a large number of alternative icons for Android applications and games, and we have provided a large number of them for you to use on Usroid. Today, we are also providing you with another beautiful and eye-catching icon pack, WLIP – Icon Pack. This is a beautiful minimal icon pack developed by LKN9X for the Android operating system and is available on Google Play for $0.99. There are more than 1400 icons with unique and very beautiful designs in this collection, all of which have been designed in detail with a lot of time and precision to have the best quality. In addition, a collection of unique and high-quality background images is provided for use alongside the icons in the icon pack. A dashboard is used to access these sections, where you can request your desired icons from the program makers to be added to the program as soon as possible. This program supports most Android launchers, but cannot be used on default company launchers and your launcher must have the ability to use icon packs.

Some features and capabilities of the WLIP – Icon Pack Android application:

  • Featuring over 1400 beautiful icons with unique designs
  • Suitable for use in dark user interfaces
  • Minimal transparent design without background
  • Unique background images for use alongside icon pack
  • Possibility to request icons from app creators
  • Support for most launchers
  • Multiple updates provided at short intervals and addition of more icons to the app

The WLIP – Icon Pack app has recently been released as a paid app on Google Play. You can now get the purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities completely for free from Usroid. This lovable icon pack has been introduced at your request and you can get its latest paid version with just one click from Usroid.


WLIP - Icon Pack