WPSApp Pro v1.6.69 – An Android application to test and check the security level of high-speed internet routers
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Day by day, the power of software developers to create more extensive programs for accessing Wi-Fi networks, or hacking them, has increased. Even with the most advanced settings, it is not possible to prevent such programs from easily hacking modems. All modems available in Iran and the world have an eight-digit PIN code called WPS, which can be used to penetrate and make changes to the modem’s settings. It is better to know that most people who penetrate our modems use this code because WPS codes for many routers from different companies are well-known, or programs can easily identify them using existing algorithms. The WPSApp Pro program allows you to test various PIN codes from different companies on your modems using a simple algorithm, or you can measure the level of router security by using the PIN detection algorithm! If you are looking for an excellent and practical tool to check the strength and security of your home or workplace Wi-Fi network, the WPSApp Pro program is a suitable option.


WPSApp Pro Android


Using the WPSApp Pro app is very easy, and you can test the networks around you without the need for root access (on Android +5.0). For example, there are two red and green lights in the app next to the names of available networks. When you start testing the networks, if the light turns green, it means that the network is vulnerable and you can easily access it. It should be noted that to use WPSApp Pro on Android devices below 5.0, you need root access. The WPSApp Pro app has been released by its developer for $0.99 and has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. You can now download the latest version for free from the Usroid website.