Your Ram Booster Pro v1.9 – Android RAM Speed ​​Booster App
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All smart devices are made of different hardware components, each of which has its own tasks. One of the most important of these hardware is RAM, which plays an important role in smart devices. In many cases, novice users, after using their smartphone for a while, see a decrease in the speed of execution of commands, which is directly related to RAM. The best way to solve this problem is the tools for optimizing this temporary memory, dozens of which we have introduced to you, and this time we intend to introduce another of its best. Your Ram Booster ProTitle is an application for optimizing and increasing the speed of Android device RAM, which was developed by SKVFCHAT LLC and published in the big Google Play market. Utilizing a simple yet functional feature, this software stops all unnecessary background processes and helps essential programs get enough space to use RAM. There are various features and capabilities in the list of features of the program, the most important of which is the automatic optimization at different time intervals, so that you only need to specify your time and then all Leave something to this startup.

Some features and capabilities of Your Ram Booster Pro Android app:

  • Increases RAM speed by stopping background processing
  • Functional widget for single-touch optimization
  • Battery saving by stopping unnecessary programs
  • Access to three different optimization levels (Normal, Strong and Super)
  • Auto boost at various time intervals
  • Clear application cache
  • Notification after automatic increase of RAM speed

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Your Ram Booster Pro