[ZipGrade v3.44.560 [Premium – Android Test Grading App
Premium version of the app valued at $5.99

As you know, two types of exams, descriptive and multiple-choice, are common worldwide, and each teacher uses either or both to evaluate their students based on their own preferences. Many professors and educational institutions across the country use Scantron machines to grade test papers to avoid any grading errors. However, as you also know, the price of these machines is very high, and sometimes schools do not have access to them, which makes the grading process time-consuming. In this post, we aim to introduce, for the first time in Iran, an Android application that turns your phone into an intelligent tool for grading multiple-choice test papers. ZipGrade Full is the title of a smart and widely-used application for quick and flawless grading of test papers, developed by ZipGrade LLC for Android and published on the Google Play Store. This software helps university professors and teachers quickly view student feedback and store all the information obtained in a database. Unlike many similar software for grading papers, this one does not require internet access, and at the end, all information will be categorized based on student ID numbers.

Some of the features and capabilities of the ZipGrade Android app:

  • Support for various answer formats in different sizes and layouts
  • No need for internet access to display answers
  • Reporting based on student ID or name
  • Support for automatically marked symbols
  • Backup of all saved information
  • Issuing results in pdf and csv file formats

The ZipGrade application has been able to receive an active download score of 4.9 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its diverse and varied range of features. You can now download the latest premium version of it from the popular website Usroid; the upcoming version includes all the features and you can use it without any time restrictions.