A Faster & Safer Internet v5.4 – Android fast and secure internet application!
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Having a high speed when using the World Wide Web requires each user! In general, all users use a public DNS to connect to the Internet, through which the ISP of the service provider can get various information from you! In some cases, ISPs have even sold their users’ information. Given this, making changes to the DNS could be a very useful way to maintain security. There are several ways to change DNS; Unfortunately, users don’t know which DNS is secure enough. A Faster & Safer Internet The title is a fast and secure Android internet application published by Cloudflare, Inc. As you may have noticed, all the features of this startup revolve around the DNS change axis! By providing you with access to a new DNS, it will help you to search the Internet safely and make sure that no information is sold to you. All you have to do is install the above program and get a new experience by touching an option. Also, according to the developer, by connecting to this secure DNS, your internet speed will increase by a total of 28%, which will help you to meet your needs in a much shorter time. Unlike many similar tools that have a confusing environment, this software offers a simple UI.


A Faster & Safer Internet


Application A Faster & Safer Internet, with the benefit of a dedicated and extremely useful feature, has been able to receive a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than one million downloads, which can now be the latest original version and Get it in full from Usroid website.

Note: Install the program with the help of the “SAI application” in the download box [Select APKs file from inside the program and click Install]