FolderSync v3.5.1 – File synchronization application with cloud servers on Android
Offering you the purchased and complete version of the program for $2.87

FolderSync is an intelligent tool for syncing data and folders on Android devices, published by Tacit Dynamics. With support for a wide range of cloud servers and hosts, this program can automatically identify all files and folders on your device and synchronize them with various servers as quickly and continuously as possible. Don’t worry about losing your sensitive files, as with special and practical settings in FolderSync, you can have a backup of your information on cloud servers or FTP at different times and intervals. In addition to the general feature of the aforementioned application, an unparalleled file manager has also been used in it, allowing you to access all files in internal and external memory and make the necessary changes to them. Delete unnecessary files and move folders and applications at twice the speed of other file managers, and secure protocols supported by the software are fully customized and protect your information against hackers.

Some features and capabilities of the FolderSync Android app:

  • Synchronization of all information with cloud servers and FTP
  • Support for various and extensive cloud service providers
  • Displaying comprehensive information about your hosting servers
  • Displaying the amount of used and available space for each server
  • Having a local file manager to access files stored in memory
  • Automatic synchronization of data and files at scheduled times
  • Secure communication protocols and personalization
  • Support for all popular services worldwide, including Copy, Mega, OneDrive, etc.
  • Support for popular protocols such as FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, etc.

The FolderSync application has been able to achieve an extraordinary rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, along with user satisfaction and a price of $2.87, during a limited time. As always, the Usroid website has taken the lead and you can download the purchased version from the high-speed servers of this site.