Puzzles & Conquest v5.0.71 – Strategy game “Puzzles and Victories” for Android
a fascinating and fun multiplayer game
tested with online play

Puzzles & Conquest – Puzzles & Victories is the name of a completely fantasy and fascinating game with a fantasy nature and story in the style of a combination of management and puzzle games in the form of a game of strategic titles that is produced and offered for free. . Puzzles & Conquest was developed by 37GAMES Studio and has been released for Android phones and tablets. Usroid for the first time among all Iranian sitesThe game offers puzzles and victories at your service, dear ones. This game is an interesting and well-crafted combination of several genres. The main format and generality of this game is designed in the style of strategy games, but this game still has other parts, the most important of which is the puzzle and puzzle part of the game, which is designed in the style of 3 puzzle games. The game of puzzles and victories tells a legendary and imaginary adventure in the form of an epic and fantasy story. In this game, the story is about a beautiful and ancient land called Saurland, which after centuries of silence and calm, is suddenly attacked by the army of the devil and is led to destruction. Evil forces and the power of darkness have swept across the land, causing hopes to plummet and everything to collapse.


Puzzles & Conquest


در Puzzles & ConquestAn epic adventure is happening! Humans, dwarves, elves and other creatures that lived in these lands put aside their differences to unite with each other. Otherwise there will be not the slightest chance of survival. So the inhabitants of this land decide to join hands to fight the demons by forming a strong alliance. But they need a great and late leader for this, and that leader is none other than you! In Puzzles & Conquest, you have to try to survive by managing your various forces of different species and races. There are dozens of legendary heroes of humans, elves and… in this game that you can add to your list of forces and build a group of heroes. As mentioned, Puzzles & Conquest has a separate section in the form of Match 3 puzzles. An important part of your fights against enemies is followed by doing these puzzles. The more points you earn in completing these puzzles, the more skills and special powers your heroes will have. In this game, you can build clones with other online players and compete with players from all over the world online. This beautiful and exciting game can be tested right now from serversDownload Usroid for free.

Note: The game can not be hacked because it is online and no modded version has been released for this game.