EMERGENCY HQ v1.8.07 – Strategic and management game “Emergency Center” for Android
An exciting game and a professional simulator with over 10 million downloads
Tested by online execution

EMERGENCY HQ – Emergency Center is the second game in the series of EMERGENCY games, developed by the German studio Promotion Software GmbH in the simulation and management genre of strategic games. The game is available for free on Android mobiles and tablets, and Farsoide has prepared and published this beautiful game at your request. In the EMERGENCY HQ game, you play the role of the commander of the emergency center of a city, whose duty is to deal with accidents by managing various emergency forces. Your main task and goal is to maintain the safety and health of the people of this city, and for this purpose, you must try to dispatch firefighting and rescue forces to the scene as soon as possible and show the endangered human lives in the shortest possible time. In EMERGENCY HQ, you can manage 4 different services, including the fire department. This game has an interesting similarity to the popular title A 911 Operator, but the main difference between these two games is in their design and gameplay style. While the 911 Operator game is a simple map-based game, the EMERGENCY HQ game provides you with a completely different experience with its graphic and 3D designs. In the emergency center game, you can have firefighters, doctors and medical specialists, engineers, police and other emergency forces at your disposal and dispatch an operational team to the scene as soon as any kind of dangerous problem is reported. In the EMERGENCY HQ game, you are in charge of controlling all dangerous incidents and accidents in a city, and it is a difficult and challenging responsibility for you.




In EMERGENCY HQ, there is a very interesting and completely strategic section where you can build your own bases and buildings. In fact, by doing this, you can consider a unique building and base for each emergency unit so that by placing these bases together, you can have a flawless collection of emergency forces such as fire stations, hospitals, police centers, and … next to each other, and then be able to manage them better and more completely. When the number of reports increases and poses greater risks to people, your abilities as an emergency center manager are well tested. So prepare yourself and manage emergency and rescue forces instead of sitting idly by, and as soon as you receive an emergency report, send the desired team to that area. The game style is generally simple and conceptual, but managing the game process depends on your strategic intelligence. In terms of graphics and designs, as mentioned, EMERGENCY HQ is a very well-made and attractive title that you can enjoy with smooth gameplay, 3D graphics, and modeling. This exciting game even has an online section where you can compete with other players around the world or build a union with them. The Emergency Center game is a relatively large game and is not recommended on mid-range and weak devices. With more than 10 million downloads, this game has managed to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from more than 100,000 votes. If you want to get more familiar with this game, it is recommended to watch its introduction trailer video and if you wish, download its latest tested update from Usroid.

Attention: If a working mod version of the game is available, it will be added to the download box – do not ask about it.

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed mode. Copy the com.sgs.emhq.android folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of your device.